"This is a game for die-hard wrestling fans, the type who trade tapes of Flair/Steamboat, shell out real money for monthly pay-per-views, mourn the loss of WCW and ECW, and proudly call themselves marks. This game is for folks who regularly surf websites like Wrestling Exposed for inside tips on upcoming storylines, follow injury reports to see how their favorite faces and heels are rehabbing, and to see how developmental talent is, well, developing."

Berin Kinsman - Game Reviewer at www.unclebear.com

Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Games
Expanded Edition
An 80 page Expanded edition of Kayfabe!
Available in PDF or print form (perfect bound).

By far the best wrestling RPG ever made! Simulate any kind of promotion in any setting! The rules are simple and easy to follow, yet detailed enough to satisfy the most critical wrestling fan.

• Includes the original material from the original Kayfabe, PLUS all the material from The Promoter's Handbook and Writers & Workers supplements shown below.

Only $12.00